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This is for backstreetboys1993-2001

I am very hungover


i ate a whole thing of bagel bites

happy 2k14

u did ur best

happy xmas

u all look very nice 2day and r gonna have really really happy lives i promise

there’s a spooky amount of old pizza boxes with exactly 2 pieces of pizza left in them around my apartment #illuminati #alienabduction #whateverimgross


my pizza angel

i like u


my pizza angel

i like u

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i found my 6th grade yearbook (1999)

this is what i looked like in 6th grade (1999)

this is what ppl wrote in the back of my yearbook (1999):

H.A.G.S. (have a good summer?) - Rose C.

H.A.K.A.S. (have a kick ass summer?) - Adam H.

Have a cool summer - Kevin O.

Have a chillin summer - Adam K.

Waz up boy. I hope u have lots of fun. Bye. - Samantha A.

Jon, have a good summer! P.S. Don’t be gay! - Ash N.

You definitely made class a lot more “interesting”…and good luck in 7th grade. - Ms. Hall

got dumped by this girl who used to run a jonathan taylor thomas fan club, now i’m just going to eat french fries until i explode into a million french fries and also a lil ketchup but mostly french fries because it is a french fry based explosion


2 hoodrats doin hoodrat stuff, shout out 2 the garfield rap, shout out 2 gucci mane

butthead the cat (2011-???)

if anybody has any information concerning the whereabouts of this lil guy or what happened 2 my roommate circa 2011, ill give u a million dollars

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vlog in the style of popular website circa like 2k7 maybe

really miss butthead the cat, we used 2 listen 2 gucci mane and read wikipedia articles about the illuminati every afternoon, miss u lil guy

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top secret footage of me when i came home early on new years cause no1 there believed in ufos and i got upset and cried a lil bit

new years resolutions: stop talking about ufos so much, make friends

also be nice

internet dating video 2k12

help me 2 find a nice babe or hunk 2 date

just trying 2 say hi how r u, make summr last 4evr, good job u guyz